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9/20/22 From now on, The Bunker will be where I post more longform reviews/goings on in my life. This page (homepage) will be for site/comic updates :3

9/14/22 Lol lookat this music iceberg i made for some reason!!!!

8/17/22 New layout is here! View my old homepage here.

8/1/22 Wahoo! Getting my new homepage layout all nice a pretty. To add: sound effects to nav bar buttons, make my title wiggle like on my old page, fun floating graphics for each of my shrines, fun borders around boxes (like a tv perhaps?), and line break graphic between objects in sidebars.

8/1/22 Hey gamers! Short update here:

Thank you to EVERYONE who attacked me in artfight this year!! Omg!!! I'm absolutely blown away by all the amazing artists who found me, either though AF or Neocities! I'll be updating my fanart page with the remaining attacks I've recieved.

Life is going well, I have a new job which I actually really enjoy - at a ceramic studio. I feel like I'm finally using my art degree for something LMAOOOO.

I've started a new webpage called The Bunker that was going to be a simple articles page, but turned into something so much more. I'm seriously considering overhauling this page and several of my main pages into that format. What do yall think? I want to keep the same vibe, but it's about time I clean up my homepage.

Some real life stuff - I'll be attending Phoenix Zine Fest this year (an in person event!!) More info here. I'll have my 2021 sketchbook zine for sale as well as all my old zines and other goodies :heart emoji:

As far as my webcomic goes, It's been slow going :sobs: I have been writing here and there, but AG takes so much time to illustrate and I've been so creatively zapped lately. The project is definitely not dead, just in limbo ;-;

6/26/22 Hey guys look at this gif I made :3


6/23/22 Had a nightmare last night so I took my son to work to help me feel better


6/16/22 Hi all! I've been busy getting ceramic stuff glazed and packaged. If you're interested in purchasing a piece from me, check out what I have on Storenvy! So far, there's mostly Pride necklaces, but I'll have ornaments and shot glasses uploaded eventually. Also, prints, stickers, buttons, zines, etc etc. I dislike having to advertize my own stuff, but I gotta make a living somehow hrrngg ;-;.

Also, if you're participating in Artfight next month, follow me here hehehe

5/29/22 Finally FINALLY working on updating character pages. Also added a home link in the nav bar because wow did it really take me 2 years to add one. Also cleaning up my code because I might as well do some housecleaning.

5/10/22 Added new fanarts to the fanart page! If you drew something for me a while ago but don't see it, feel free to email me at! It has also come to my attention that there is ANOTHER civil defense/nuclear warning systems themed neocities website, GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

5/8/22 Made a Subway Masters shrine : )

4/29/22 Updated my About so it isn't so eyestrain-y and horrible. I made version 1.0 while I was still learning super basic html so it needed some work (not like my whole site needs work lol.)

4/26/22 Lol with all the shit happening on Twitter lately, I really hope more ppl start using Neocities (or fuck, even Tumblr for that matter). Here's a relevant button for you:

Also, I started making a shrine for one of my favorite dead malls: Fiesta Mall!! I'm pretty happy with it so far, but I'll be adding more of my own images.

Yesterday, with help of a friend, we explored the amazing website of Fox Hugh! Mr. Hugh's Wereverse is facinating and his website is fun to read through, espeically if you share his interest in anthropormorphic animals. I just ask to be respectful if leaving comments!

One of his many symbols, of course my favorite.

4/10/22 Hello to all my new neocities followers!! Feel free to check out my comic and leave a message in me guestbook!! >:)

4/3/22 Unstoppable force vs immovable object: wanting to redesign my site to look clean and easy to navigate vs my evil tendency to add a billion eyestrainey gifs and not knowing how to code 'properly'. Atomic Gothic 2.0 will be a thing /eventually/ mostly because I want my site to be accessible to ppl with screen readers and a little more mobile friendly. Also it would be sweet to have an option to toggle between different themes.

3/29/22 Slowly but surely working on Chapter 4! Also job searching (yayyy job searching). Apologies on any slowness, as always I'm working on many things all the time (in a fun non stressful way). I signed up for another ceramics class this summer so I'll be posting more work on my Insta soon. I rlly do need to update my ceramics page!!

2/23/22 Just updated the last panels of Chapter 3! Enjoy! Also enjoy this teaser I made for the next chapter :)

2/14/22 Happy Valentine's Day :)

ALSO Comic update!

1/31/22 Comic update! Warning for flashing images (you know the drill).

I'll also be starting a new job (hopefully soonish) so I'm not too sure what the update schedule will be like. At the time of writing this I have...three jobs plus my own art business. Hours vary per position, but it is still tricky to balance everything! I'm going to see if these jobs work out, and if not, I'll try something else. I'm not afraid of trying new things and I LOVE failure (it helps me find out what I really want).

1/24/22 Comic update! Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth on Saturday :) Not sure what my next event will be yet but I'll keep yall posted on my instagram!

1/17/22 Comic update! If you live in the Phx area and wanna stop by and say hi, I'll be at this event near Jarrod's coffee in downtown Mesa! I'll have art prints, stickers, buttons, and more :)

1/10/22 Comic update! I've been busy trying to start my ceramic/art business, so apologies if updates are slow!

1/3/22 Comic update!!

12/31/21 Happy New Year!!! Hope you all had a good year, and cheers to 2022!!!!

12/21/21 Comic update- sorry it's a day late! Also happy New Year!!! My New Years resolution is to take things less seriously and get better at cooking!!!

12/21/21 WOOOO CHAPTER 3 IS DONE!!!!!!!1 Read the new update here!!! I'll be posting a handful of panels every Monday so check back every week *heart emoji* also feel free to leave comments under the panels!! I love to read them :3

11/21/21 Hey all! Been making steady progress on the new chapter, here's a teaser image for ya:

Hoping to get the next chapter uploaded sometime before christmas :) for now, dealing with an eye infection and sore throat lol. Have seriously spent most of the weekend in bed playing that new pokemon diamond remake.

11/1/21 Hopping on the bandwagon and made these AI generated images for my ocs:

Theyre SOOOO sick.

10/15/21 Check out my ceramics for sale! I'll be adding more soon!

9/17/2021 Actually made the comic index look nice!! Also check out the Chapter 3 intermission if you have a chance-nothing too lore heavy...I thought it would be fun to make some gifs (seizure inducing as always-just a heads up)

9/12/2021 Passed out a shit ton of flyers and business cards to ppl in Phoenix today! If you saw me, pls sign my guestbook and say hi! (I was basically doing guerilla advertising LMAO).

8/23/2021 Atomic Gothic will be on hiatus for a bit while I work on the third chapter!! Its lookin like 40 pages baybe!!

8/18/2021 Started a fanart page! Still need to add better text n backgrounds, but everything should be credited and linked!

8/15/2021 Hey all! Chapter 2 is coming to a close and I'll probably be on hiatus for a bit while I work on the next chapter. So far it's looking like it's gonna be around 40 panels!

Lately I've been thinking about ways to make my site/comic more readable (and like...idk more professional looking?? But also part of me loves the messy amature vibe of it. There's a billion tiny things I want to fix (like renaming my html files to be short and sweet and NOT USE SPACES BETWEEN WORDS LIKE A DWEEB) but also it would take a lot of time to fix everything....Like I've never been a professional person, I don't take things too seriously, and I'd rather die than be in a corporate enviornment. Other parts of me WANT to be taken seriously, though. Like if I want to gain an audience? Or (this is a pipe dream) get that Netflix adaptation??? My shit should maybe be more accessable/navigatable on mobile. Then I look at other (male, white, cis, straight, californian) creators who have that amature aura and they get a full Adult Swim pilot. IDK...It just really makes ya think............

8/8/2021 I made a PATREON!! If you'd like to support me that way, there are three tiers (nuclear themed of course) each with several perks (including merch and behind the scenes comic stuff!) I also added a Ko-fi widget to the lower left, in an effort to make my site more graphic heavy. My homepage is my bedroom and I refuse to clean it.

Become a Patron!
Atomic Gothic is also now on Webtoon (and will be updated at the same time as this site!) Mostly because reformatting my site to work on mobile would be a BIG undertaking, and I really like Webtoon's vertical scroll format. The only downside is it doesn't support gif formats, so you're losing a little bit of fun there. I also had some problems with upload quality, but that's a problem for another day....

7/19/2021Angsty chapter update!!! Ouch oof!!! ouch!!

7/13/2021 Update!! Sorry it's late!!
I've been preoccupied with Artfight this year! Come fight me!!

6/28/2021 Heya! No update next week (I'll be crawling around in the dirt somewhere) but pls listen to this Siivagunner rip I've been obsessed with for many days:

6/26/2021 COME FIGHT ME ON ARTFIGHT!! I'm team cyberpunk but I do friendly return fire >:)

6/15/2021 Chapter 2 update with pages 10, 11, and 12! Also, I'm playing through Mother 3 (and planning on playing through Earthbound when I'm done) expect a shrine of some sort soon!

6/1/2021 Chapter 2 update!!! Also.........HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!1

5/27/2021 Every week I'm gonna update Chapter 2 with a few pages! Not sure what schedule works best, but I'll post updates on my Instagram. For now, the first 3 pages are posted!
Also, I just spent the last two hours trying to get my ch1 comic nav bar to invert on hover, found out that my comment box was fucked up in Firefox, then tried troubleshooting by using Chrome incognito, and realized my comment bar was okay and my nav bar was working, but for the life of me I can't get it to work in regular Chrome. Someone much smarter than me in HTML might know how to fix this... I LOVE HTML!!!!!!!

For now Chapter 1 is jut gonna be a little wonky. At least the comment box is readable now (changed it so the bg is yellow instead of transparent). Website design is my passion. Broken css really gives websites fLaVoR

4/23/2021 If you're interested in supporting my work and owning over 150 pages of digital art, consider buying my 2020 art PDF on Gumroad! I'll forever love you ;-;
158 Page Art PDF

3/10/2021 I MADE my own site awards, only 4 so far!! If you'd like to apply, email me at with the award you'd like!

I'm also planning on making some shrines for Mortis Ghost's RPG maker game OFF, as well as a Daft Punk shrine (I don't have enough room on my Dubstep page). I just have....way too many gifs and I love e-hoarding. I'm a maximalist.

I'm also making slow but steady progress on Chapter 2, I really want to nail down backgrounds and improve overall panel art quality. Unfortunately this means taking 6 months to finish a chapter (oops). Maybe Atomic Gothic is better fitted as a text adventure? Should I use the mspaint Homestuck Style instead? I guess its not a webcomic without months long haituses.


2/17/2021 Minor home layout changes (its still a mess, I know and I like it). My Funstuff page is lookin a lot better, check it out!

2/3/2021 Look at this meme I made (pls share it with ur friends)


1/19/2021 YOO CHECK OUT MY (wip) DUBSTEP PAGE because I'm a nerd I archived mostly all of my early EDM fandom Tumblr memories. Cringe ahead.

1/14/2021 I MADE A simple HTML tutorial!!!I'm trying to drag more and more people to Neocities because fuck twitter/facebook/instagram like wow. The tutorial isn't perfect because I still kinda don't know what I'm doing but ANYWAY if you know any friends interested in joining Neocities, send em that page!!

1/3/2021 I MADE A commissions page!

12/31/2020HOO BOY its the last day of 2020 and I'm spending it doing fuck all. A few updates here and there, I'm trying to make the fun stuff page easier to look at. I have 4 comic pages done, and I'm trying to figure out what kind of typefaces I want to use (its typefaces, right? not fonts? or is it fontface-oh fuck oh well I didnt go to design school.) Just spending the day thinking about my future and my goals, but with no stress and no regrets.

Talked with my close friends and family and celebrated the night with compassion. Thanks everyone <3

12/17/2020WELL LADS It looks like Chapter 2 is going to have around 41 pages! Getting the draft sketches critiqued by some friends, then I'll start illustrating each panel (fuck!)

12/11/2020Getting art prints ready!! AAaaaaa AAA Aaa aa Ecommerce bullshit (How tf do I deal with shipping).

12/9/2020If you live in good old Hellville (Phoenix, AZ) swing buy and buy urslef some art!
Our 8 page zines are free for download here.

12/6/2020HEY WOW I want to talk a little bit about my trip to New Mexico (WIP page here)I took with my father in late October 2020-which im so so fortunate to have visited when Los Alamos's museums were open (they're closed now-they stated they will *hopefully* open in the spring). I also found out about this lecture the historical society was giving, with guest professor Alex Wellerstein (he made Nukemap!!! and the 'Reinventing Civil Defense' project, and is an all around coolguy-heres his blog). Its super bizarre to me that (given non covid circumstances) I could've been in Los Alamos at the time they were doing this lecture.

11/30/2020 HEY I have an article written about me from the lovely lads at Shoutout Arizona, CHECK IT OUT!

((('What excites you' LOL. Lookit my silly face.)))

11/20/2020 Made this super poggers scroll box thing for this diary portion (it no longer looks lame and crappy). Orgonized my stamps and made boxes on either side of this diary with my buttons and friend's buttons! Moved the rocket flash game to the bottom of this page since idk where to put it now. Also spent 3 hours yesterday downloading old gifs from a short lived dubstep artist i really loved (will go on the dubstep page).

11/19/2020 NOTE TO SELF make a dubstep page. Updated my site with some new artworks (pssst look at my about page) and added some friends site buttons! Will arrange those nicer later. ADD MY BUTTON TO YOUR SITE PLSSSS and ill add yours!!!!!!

11/16/2020Check this out!

11/7/2020-Jesus christ what a fucking week-the amount of manic energy I've seen on Tumblr is enough for a lifetime. I added some site buttons by request, those can be saved in my new 'fun stuff' tab here (under construction atm!). Also moved some of my nav buttons so my header isnt so crowded.

I'm pretty proud of this one

11/4/2020-Added a * secret * page that has some links to other * secret * pages!! Updated GOdiva's bio...need to get my ass in gear and fix all of the character pages. Also btw check out my buddies site!!!

Last week I visited New Mexico, including the town of Los Alamos and the Nuclear Science Museum in Alberquerque. Will include those photos somewhere on this site (psst right here) Most of our planned destinations were open despite all the other closures in NM. We were the only visitors in the Los Alamos History Museum, and one of only a few in the Nuclear Science Museum. These poor docents were probably bored out of their minds (lucky for them I had a LOT of questions). Ill blog about my experience on another page, but all you need to know is that I took pics of Enrico Fermis feet and saw sEcReTs inside the modern Los Alamos Laboratory site.

10/17/2020-Made my navigation buttons at da top look nicer (they invert now!!) and added an Instagram widget next to this diary entry box thing. I plan on launching my lil store with prints and ceramics once I get my pots back from the kiln!

HERE is my Storenvy in the meantime!

10/11/2020-Added a Links page!Trying to plan some prints/charms/etc in addition to my ceramics which will be added to a store page! Unrelated, but I recieved a uranium glass plate (called vaseline glass!!) as a gift from a friend, and I want to get a blacklight for it. That shit glows in the dark!!! I will admit that I am a little afraid of it (what if im slowly being poisoned lol!!)

10/4/2020-WOW 2 months have passed since my last update here-I've been updating little things here and there! I plan on adding a store page eventually, so be on the lookout for my pottery >:)

I'm also planning a trip to New Mexico, specifically the National Museum for Nuclear Science. I got to see the Goldsboro broken arrow bomb casings last time I went. I'm hoping we can go to Los Alamos too, but we'll see.

8/25/2020-HEYA-Making small edits to Chapter 1, there's quite a few mistakes but its a good thing I'm finding and fixing them now. Chapter 2 will be all the more better >:). Considering uploading this to Webtoon so ppl can view it on mobile! Also added "READ THE COMIC HERE" preview image under the header.

8/9/2020-Updated the chapter index and added a missing panel! Removed ARTFIGHT-2020!!! from the header.

ALSO an update on what I've been playing and listening to!

Beatsaber really is just a stim and rave simulator. Ofc I'm not this good BUT a man can dream!

7/29/2020-ALL OF chapter 1 is uploaded! Within the next week or so I will be making minor edits to the page (and adding author comments-check back if you fancy yourself some atomic Fun Facts). Please let me know if there are missing links or any other website problems by shooting me an email at, OR you can sign my guestbook like its 1990 :). I'm aware the site isn't very mobile friendly, but I do plan on learning how to adapt it for phone screens.

Among other news, I've been posting more art to my Instagram.Follow that for comic updates!

7/22/2020-HELLO HI!!!! HALF OF CHAPTER 1 IS POSTED!!I'll be updating the Index and other parts of the site as I go. Hopefully all the links work haha.Chapter 2 will be more experimental now that I'm more familiar with html!!

7/3/2020-Recieved a 'care package' from my dad today, which included a bunch of dollar store candy and snacks. Mom also send me a card:

card saying i survived the greate toilet paper crisis of 2020
Haha, very funny mom. Def gonna keep this for a desperate museum curator in the year 2080.

Also I did not aniticipate how much I would spend on each panel coloring...its worth it I think but also ch1 might take longer than anticipated. I might tackle chapter 2 using a simpler method. Also note to self: figure out how to get a guestbook on my website!!!!
inverted colors for lady godiva
Sivvagunner uploaded a buncha bops for the JetsetRadio OST, gonna slap a sick one here: