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(updated 10/15/2021)
HEY HAVE YOU ever wanted your own little bowl or mug made by my hands?
Visit my Storenvy to buy, or email if you have questions!
Each piece is 100% unique, hand made, and hand painted. Dinnerware pieces are microwavable and foodsafe.
Shipping outside of the USA is tricky, please email me and I can try to find the cheapest option for you :)
I can also make custom pieces on request!!!!!!!!
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Little bowl with tenmoku glaze, cute and thin!
-$17- plus shipping
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Woo Blue glaze on Phoenix Shino with Amador clay. I think I applied this guy too thin, the color is nice but Amador is so orange that the clay color will take over the glaze color. Got some nice blue in the ridges tho! I also just like the shape of this pot.
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Woo Blue on Turquoise Orbie glaze, This guy is a weird almost metallic green with blueish areas. The inside is bumpy with a grey/blue shine
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White Satin on Hunter Green. So this guy came out yellowish/green in some areas. I've nicknamed this one.....the Snowgrave Pot...
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Woo Blue on B-mix. Love this guy's shape!
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Mistake pots!!!
Pottery is hard and I'm still learning. These pots were overfired, glaze didn't work out, cracked, etc, but they still have use :)
Pieces are dinnerware safe unless stated otherwise.

Full moon wolf mug. Sturdy and perfect for plants. Has a drainage hole.
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Reclining naked male: The image is hella dark but you can still see it. Mug is heavy and bubbly on the inside (a side effect of over firing). Not bad!
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Sphinxes mug: So sad this one didn’t turn out. To be fair the mug is pretty heavy and the handle could be better. I kinda like how the illustration is hard to find? Like an actual archeological dig (my sphinxes are based on mesopotamian and etruscan artwork).
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