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Metal Gear -I'm a massive nerd for this series. Autoplay music ahead.
Dubstep -Hey have you ever heard of the EDM tumblr fandom? (wip)
Old Snake :) -I just think hes neat
Southwest Gothic-Everyone needs a blog!
Los Alamos -my experience exploring the secret city (wip)
Angels-I love angels! (wip)
Morshu...Lamp oil...ropes? Bombs?

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Weird stuff

Sirens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (loud warning)
Crap (idk what this is)
Lady Godiva and horse poetry (wip)
Airplane reviews (wip)
Boingo core? A """music video""" i made last year

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Arceus Staraptor Garchomp Froslass Lucario Spiritomb Giratina Darkrai Dialga Palkia Reshiram Zekrom Kyurem Kyurem Kyurem Cobalion Keldeo Blaziken Manectric Aggron Absol Latias Latios Raikou Entei Suicune Houndoom Lugia Ho-oh Feraligatr Aerodactyl Ninetales Charizard