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I really love angels (wip)

I've always had an affinity for winged creatures (I've loved birds from a very young age, and consider doves and pigeons to be my favorite animals). I've had a few angel ocs too, and they've really helped me out during tough times in my life. I also blame the Maximum Ride series for my interest in winged beings and lab experiment origin stories (As far as my comic goes-Lady Godiva's story isn't very subtle hahahhahaha.)
(Because I'm a nerd) I'm also super in love with angel 'headcannons' for characters-they just make me super happy gahhh!!!

My angel ocs:
Lauren: Chill guy who loves the beach and nature. Enjoys the smell of rosemary. Wears sandals. Brown/tan wings.

Goya: Borderline weirdo whos trying his best. He's a very...creative? chef. Black wings and a little scruffy. Loves lace. My pilot oc, Marc, was kinda an evolution of him.

EDM Fandom angel headcannons/AUs:
Gesa (Mike): Black haired "honey" angel. Has black wings and bleeds molten gold (hence 'honey').
Crydamoure: Love struck diva who cries heart shaped tears and loves the color pink. Big fluffy wings.

Characters that aren't necessarily angels, but I consider angelic (or at least give me that vibe?):
Giorno Giovanna (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure): The guy is literally, like, a god. Has sun/life giving themes.
The Batter's Onion Rings (OFF an RPG maker game by Mortis Ghost): pretty sure these guys are based on some sort of 'throne of God' imagery?
Howl (Howl's Moving Castle): Have you seen those wings!? Also hes...p-pretty....

Millionfish's angel Metal Gear art: AAAA I just love this fanart so much...

Castiel-(yeah I'm sorry) I really love him. Yes I watched mostly all of Supernatural. No its not good. Yes I still love Cas.....

Kaworu-(Evangelion) Love this little bitch. I love to hold him in my hand.

Angels in the bible:
Michael is cool and all. Love the sword...but I love Gabriel and the others just as much.

Other reasons why I love angels

Dude they straight up don't have gender!!! And angels depicted in most art history canons are feminine, whether they be a 'male' angel or not. The idea that a powerful, heavenly being is abstracted from gender binaries is cool. Also the constantly being on fire thing....poggers.

A bit unrelated to angels, but do you know about the Public Universal Friend?
There's different hierarchies of angels, but I won't go too much into detail-

Highest order


Middle order


Lowest order


...But how do they appear?

Well...Maybe something like this