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Hello there! Call me MADS!!

Multimedia artist & Pretty boy extraordinaire

What is ?

IN QUICK SUMMARY Atomic Gothic is a webcomic I started in 2020 exploring my interest in Cold War era nuclear testing and implementation. I am by no means a 'legitimate' historian, but as a resident of the uranium scarred Southwest I am compelled to visit such historical landmarks (Los Alamos, Titan II missile silos, etc etc) for "research" purposes. I am captivated and terrified of the history of Atomic America, and I wish my silly comic can be both educational and entertaining for you! Atomic Gothic has consistent themes relating to LGBT+ found family, societal expectations, failure, and navigating trauma. I have many other inspirations, that I will list here:

-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
-New Wave music (Oingo Boingo) and all flavors of electronic music
-Metal Gear Solid
-Dr Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) (duh)
-Re-animator (1985)
-The Earthbound/Mother series
-"Outsider" art, including weird websites like this one.

Some communities/places I enjoy exploring IRL and online:
-LGBTQ+ especially trans spaces (duh!)
-Anime in general
-Local DIY and Zine spaces
-The "fine" arts-lately I've been into ceramics
-Museums/historic places
-Raves, specifically hardcore/happy hardcore/breakcore/etc
-Video game journalism of a particular variety
-Whatever the hell Tumblr is nowadays
-Original character communities like Artfight!

Here is a video I made in early 2020 before Atomic Gothic was a webcomic! Dan, Victor, and Marc's character designs vary slightly here.

If you'd like to view my old about page, click here.

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