I thought it would be cool and sexy to review my favorite planes (in no particular order). Some of these lads I've seen IRL, some I have definitely astral projected into, and others I think deserve to crash.

B-29 Superfortress-Love this guy's windows on his orb nose. A very good size. Scares me. 7/10

B-36 Peacemaker-LARGE!!! Has a weird bulb head and long neck. The wings are so big you can walk inside them to access the engines. Two of these suckers were involved in 'broken arrow' incidents. Only 4 survive today, one being in Tuscon, AZ. They are so so so big in person and absolutely terrifying 10/10

Douglas C-47 Skytrain-oh my god such a GOOD boy. A shit ton of these were made and I got to go inside one. Very cushiony on the inside with carpeted floors and soft seats. Smells like my grandmas house. 10/10
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