Happy Halloween Mneheheh!

Big thanks to the Yesterweb for putting together this trick or treat neocities event!

The contents of this page may contain mild blood/gore and general spooky (but all fictional) topics. Viewer discretion advised!

- Peep The Horror Playlist -

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Playlist contains Oingo Boingo, animations, amvs, short art films, creepy vocaloids, and more. Enjoy!

My Favorite ARGS & Internet Mysteries

  • Mystery Flesh Pit National Park
  • Local 58
  • What is the LHOHQ website?
  • The June Archive (flipnote Hatena)
  • Catastrophie Crow
  • Markovian Parallax Denigrate
  • The Mystery of Yvette's Bridal and the website here

  • Misc fun stuff :)

    At my work we are making these cute pottery wheel pumpkins and I literally cannot stop thinking about making them. Will update later with pics of it glazed :)

    Here's a video of the process, though my technique is a little different. I have a lot of leftover terra red clay that is cone 5/6...I am thinking about making a shit ton of pumpkins and getting them bisque fired without a glaze...or idk just making a huge ass one, like 5 pound of clay or something.

    Go ahead, take some candy (but leave some for everyone)!