Salvatore 'Mendel' Newman

Genetic Chimera Clone

I really do be making another oc with white hair. Also I'm really flexing my minimal knowledge in genetics so I apologize if any of this is inaccurate.

Mentally and physically Mendel is around 30-40 years old, but was 'born' from a biovat (human test tube thing) after a few years of development as part of Audrey Robinson's human clone experiments. Later he gave birth to at least one child but cannot remember anything about them. Has a tattoo on their arm "REPRO-42". Mendel doesn't know much about themselves, or what memories are real vs implanted from his 'Original'. They age at a slightly accelerated rate due to problems with the cloning process.

Befriends an entomologist named Ant (Antward) after escaping from a government genetic testing site. Doesn't remember anything from before 5 years ago at this time. They were part of a chimera cloning project to produce a human with both male and female sex characteristics from an original male clone. The DNA in certain parts of their body have XY chromosomes, and other parts have XX chromosomes (I think this is how this works). Humans have been cloned before this point (in secret) but not with this same technique (which had a low success rate). Mendel did survive, but with physical skin discolorations typical for genetic chimeras. He is a little clumsy, often nonverbal, and quite shy. He also has resting bitch face.

Has a complicated relationship with Audrey, who was the lead scientist in the cloning project. They get along really well (Audrey is essentially living out a successful version of his failed romantic relationship with [unnamed original] through Mendel) until the secret comes out that Mendel's early memories are fabricated.
  • He/They/She
  • 6 ft 3 inches tall
  • Age: It's complicated
  • like... technically 5 yrs old but mentally 40
  • Likes: animals, new foods, soft things, helping others
  • Dislikes: social situations, loud places, having to fight back
  • Favorite color: purple
  • Children: at least one
  • Occupation: Clone