Welcome to my links page (it is green)

WORK IN PROGRESS! I update this page with all kinds of random junk. The world wide web is a beautiful place, here are my favorite hang out spots! As with most things on my site, be aware of pages leading you to possible NSFW content!

Audrey says: Remember to steal and hoard as much as possible!


Websdr - Listen to Shortwave radio in real time
Another Websdr
Hack Freen Nuclear Bunker and websdr
Numberstation schedule - sEcReTs from cold war spies!!!!!
Atomic Heritage - Tour New Mexico Nuclear Reactors.
Nat. museum for Nuclear science - Museum for all things nuclear history. I've been here a few times
17776 - What is the future of football?
Listen to NASA
Internet Archeology
A real Geocity
Radioactive steel
History of early robotics/cybernetics at Cybetneticzoo.com
We ate at a vegan restaurant owned by this cult leader lol
Morse code audio translator (for your numberstation shenanagin)
Americas largest selection of fishing lures
Lastminute auciton
Sirens map
Infocult- Found this page when googling my website name. need to dig deeper
PCjs.org- Play around with old computers.

Nintendo keeps taking down Mother 3 OST uploads, so I downloaded a 6 hour rip from Lynfinity c c. I wasn't able to get the tracklist but here's the OST in its entirety!


Deadass one of my favorite sites unironically
Ron Paul Funeral City
Weird Al is pregnant
your world of text
Learn things with Fox Hugh!
Male pet insect names- An all timer. Who the hell wrote this article


Play LSD Dream Emulator in browser
Starmen.net - Mother/Earthbound fan site
neal.fun- a buncha little games
Mouse party- make them do drugs lol
Sandboxels- play with sand! and so much more
Bitsy- Make a teeny tiny game
Suika Game- addicting
Which starter polar book is right for you?- Kickstarted my polar history nerd phase

Website Design, Art Resources, General Help

HTML cursors
transparent textures
gifmaker dot me my beloved
Make free guestbook for your website
Draw faces at different angles
Make a font out of your own handwriting
Eggramen's css templates
earthbound battle background generator
Error message generator
Death Generator - I use this all the time to generate video game text boxes
Gifcities - old web graphics
Tweet Generator
Waifu.ist - make your own waifu shrine
Rarebit - convert your webcomic to this simplified template
Oldschool pc fonts
Dither tool
Dither tool TWO
Commercial fonts
Border css generator
Border image generator
convert images to webp
Color text fader
Make your own blingees/sparklephotos
Coolors- generate color palettes
Bettysgraphics- plenty of repeating backgrounds
Wikipedia html template
Impose online- Making a zine or booklet? order your pages with this program
Geocities.ws- Like a worse version of Neocities in every way. This is how I started to get into html
Retro textures- I use these for my artwork

Non Neocities sites I Enjoy

Gay cowboy
My role models
This really great nick site
Spicy Yeti X
web design museum
Cristians Erasmus

Wyldfile- related to paperrad

Archival/general website search

Marginalia.nu - search the fringes of the web. Incredibly helpful!
Sudomemo - flipnote hatena archive
Wayback Machine
Ruffle - Open source flash player emulator
Tineye - Reverse image search

Neocities sites I enjoy that aren't featured on my homepage


My favorite Wiki articles

creepy list
Ppl who have disappeared
Ancient horse
Ancient cemetery
Fucking Rocket Mail of course
Legacy of the dead Fiesta Mall

Nuclear topics

Brief history of the Experimental Civil Defense
West Lake Landfill
Human Plutonium Experiments. I recommend (download)this book.
geiger counter museum
Airraidsirens.net- Fandom for sirens. I want to go to sirencon someday
Chernobyl graphite cosplay prop??- The strangest etsy listing ive ever seen


Everynoise-discover new music genres
Every SebastiAn, Kavinsky, and Danger remix (official and unofficial)
SebastiAn Primary Tour playlist


Gatto - catboypower art
Hollow press
Maya Ben David- Performance and costume artist. Her youtube videos are incredible
Rhizome- Archive of digital-born artworks
Zarla- I love this artist SO much. Her website is a treasure trove of fandom art including Mother/earthbound and MGS.

You are a pirate!

Libgen / Mirror 1 / Mirror 2- Mirror 3 - Download books in a variety of formats for free
Epub to pdf - If you use libgen or z-lib downloaded files might be in an .EPUB file. Convert them to PDF using this site.
Open Library-part of Archive.org
100+ legal sites to download books.
Sci-hub - millions of free scientific papers for download
Google Drive with books, movies, shows, essays on lgbt topics
How to remove DRM from ebooks.
Secondsale.com- Similar to Thriftbooks or Abebooks. I rarely buy books new.
Another Google Drive with shows, films, books
More movies!
Fuck Adobe Masterpost
Website copier - havent tested this myself
Capture and annotate a website.
Tumblthree - backup a tumblr or twitter account with all media (not tested)
Youtube dlg - use this program to download youtube videos

My Atomic Library (book recommendations)

Atomic America - Todd Tucker (download) - Chronicles the first nuclear 'power plant' accident in 1969 where a man was pinned to the ceiling by a control rod.
The Plutonium Files, America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War - Eileen Welsome (download) - A thorough history of the Human Plutonium Experiments from 1945-46 and other experiments conducted by the AEC up until the 1970's.
Uranium-War, Energy, and the Rock that Shaped the World - Tom Zoellner (download) - Discusses the rush to mine Uraniun across the US Southwest, AUstralia, and Europe and the lasting enviornmental/economic/political effects of the Uranium industry.
109 East Place - Robert Oppenheimer and the Secret City of Los Alamos - Jennet Conant (download) - History of Los Alamos (I have not finished this one)
The Hundredth Monkey, There is no cure for nuclear war-ONLY PREVENTION! - Ken Keyes Jr. (download) - Poetic arguements against nuclear war.
Atomic Accidents-A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters From the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima - James Mahaffey(download)

Books I'm looking for:
Closing the Circle on the Splitting of the Atom - The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management. PDF.
What Little I Remember - Otto Frisch - purchased physically, need to scan.
Archive.org has a scan for this book, but its too dark to be enjoyable. If I cant find my copy I'll just buy one off thriftbooks. (these CGI graphics are SOOOO worth it). A childhood favorite.
EDIT: I found my personal copy of this book, and it turns out the illustrations really are that dark. But I'm still planning on uploading better images if my fav pages at some point.
Ōishi Matashichi and Richard Falk, The Day the Sun Rose in the West. Bikini, the Lucky Dragon and I. I want this book soooo bad becaues this exerptc is really something. Still looking for a digital download of it.

Metal Gear Related

Metal Gear Solid 1 Novelization - Raymond Benson (download)
Metal Gear Solid 2 Novelization - Raymond Benson (download)
Tim Rogers's essay on MGS2, Mother, and postmodernity
Box factory-old MGS fan page!
Zarla's mgs stuff
The last days of Foxhound