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The world wide web is a beautiful place, here are my favorite hang out spots!


Listen to Shortwave radio in real time
Theres actually quite a few of these websdr's and heres a cool one i found in a secret nuclear bunker.
Numberstation schedule-sEcReTs from cold war spies!!!!!
Tour New Mexico Nuclear Reactors
Nat. museum for Nuclear science
What is the future of football?
Listen to NASA
Internet Archeology
A real Geocity
Where the fuck is all my non radioactive steel??? And why should i build a cancer patient's room out of a ww1 boat hull??
History of early robotics/cybernetics at
Learn things with Fox Hugh!
DALL-E my dearly beloved neural network
We ate at a vegan restaurant owned by this cult leader lol

Nintendo keeps taking down Mother 3 OST uploads, so I downloaded a 6 hour rip from Lynfinity Music. I wasn't able to get the tracklist but here's the OST in its entirety!


Make your own gifs! I use this for my comic :)
Color text fader
Make your own blingees/sparklephotos
Morse code audio translator (for your numberstation shenanagins)
Americas largest selection of fishing lures
HTML cursors
transparent textures
Lastminute auciton
Bitches Get Riches - finance/life advice for ye struggling young adult! and a self care masterpost from the bitches
Download Clipnote Studio (flipnote hatena) X


Deadass one of my favorite sites unironically
Ron Paul Funeral City
Weird Al is pregnant


Play LSD Dream Emulator in browser - Mother/Earthbound fan site

My favorite neocities sites:


Notable shitty old Geocities sites:

Gay cowboy
My role models
This really great nick site
this site is actually super awesome, courtesy of Hen for showing me

My favorite Wiki articles

creepy list
Ppl who have disappeared
Ancient horse
Ancient cemetery
Fucking Rocket Mail of course
Legacy of the dead Fiesta Mall

My Fav Nuclear Wiki articles

Brief history of the Experimental Civil Defense
West Lake Landfill
Human Plutonium Experiments. I recommend (download)this book.


Everynoise-discover new music genres
Every SebastiAn, Kavinsky, and Danger remix (official and unofficial)
SebastiAn Primary Tour playlist

Favorite Youtube channels

Drunkyokai-rare and obscure music uploads
Fredrik Knudsen-Down the rabbit hole guy
Hazel-anything from lost media to old anime retrospectives (she did an episode on old websites and featured neocities!)
Jacob Geller-Second all time favorite video game reviewer
Tim Rogers-All time favorite video game reviewer
Jon Bois-he lika da football (watch his older uploads)
Kosperry-this one's for the furries
Los Alamos Historical Society
Maya Ben David-airplane performance video artist
Nile Red-insane chemist
PilotRedSun-Animations you have to see for yourself
PlainlyDifficult-Nuclear related accidents history
Posy-analog tech and the best music
Pseudiom-interesting history for obscure topics
Webdriver Torso-best youtube channel hands down. Love me some shapes
Sally Cruikshank-oingo boingo style animations
ShankMods-watch his hotwheels computer video NOW
SolarSands-interdasting and funney topics
Suckerpinch-lets make computers worse
TheBudgetMuseum"-dinosaurs are so cool
TheZZAZZGlitch-pokemon glitches
Xploshi-well made animations ya just gotta see
Zepherus-explained vids




Arrgg ima pirate arrrggg

Libgen - a wealth of knowledge. Literally every book you can imagine for download. lots of military manuals/scientific papers.
Mirror 1 and mirror 2
z-library- mirror of Libgen
For when you need to convert one file type to another.
If you use libgen or z-lib downloaded files might be in an .EPUB file, which for some reason my computer cant open. Convert them to PDF using this site.
Open Library-part of
100+ legal sites to download books. (ignore the fact its on my tumblr lmao)
Sci-hub - millions of free scientific papers for download
Google Drive with books, movies, shows, essays on lgbt topics
Another Google Drive with shows, films, books
More movies!
Fuck Adobe Masterpost

My Atomic Library (book recommendations)

Atomic America - Todd Tucker (download) - Chronicles the first nuclear 'power plant' accident in 1969 where a man was pinned to the ceiling by a control rod.

The Plutonium Files, America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War - Eileen Welsome (download) - A thorough history of the Human Plutonium Experiments from 1945-46 and other experiments conducted by the AEC up until the 1970's.

Uranium-War, Energy, and the Rock that Shaped the World - Tom Zoellner (download) - Discusses the rush to mine Uraniun across the US Southwest, AUstralia, and Europe and the lasting enviornmental/economic/political effects of the Uranium industry.

109 East Place - Robert Oppenheimer and the Secret City of Los Alamos - Jennet Conant (download) - History of Los Alamos (I have not finished this one)

The Hundredth Monkey, There is no cure for nuclear war-ONLY PREVENTION! - Ken Keyes Jr. (download) - Poetic arguements against nuclear war.

Atomic Accidents-A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters From the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima - James Mahaffey(download)

Books I'm looking for:

Closing the Circle on the Splitting of the Atom - The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management. I own this but I want it digitally.NEVERMIND i found a PDF. BTW several books/pamphlets I bought from the Nat. Museum for Nuclear Science in NM probably cant be found online, I need to scan them in someday.

What Little I Remember - Otto Frisch (I REFUSE to buy these books and give amazon/google my money, if you find it or have a digital copy please please let me know!!!) has a scan for this book, but its too dark to be enjoyable. If I cant find my copy I'll just buy one off thriftbooks. (these CGI graphics are SOOOO worth it). A childhood favorite.
EDIT: I found my personal copy of this book, and it turns out the illustrations really are that dark. But I'm still planning on uploading better images if my fav pages at some point.

Ōishi Matashichi and Richard Falk, The Day the Sun Rose in the West. Bikini, the Lucky Dragon and I. I want this book soooo bad becaues this exerpt is really something. Still looking for a digital download of it.

Other books:

Metal Gear Solid 1 Novelization - Raymond Benson (download)
Metal Gear Solid 2 Novelization - Raymond Benson (download)
Tim Rogers's essay on MGS2, Mother, and postmodernity

*********Note to self: just make a library page lmao
(work in prog) How to remove DRM from ebooks.

HEY check out my METAL GEAR page!!!!