Dan Bombsite

Resident Himbo!

Meet resident himbo, flamboyant action hero Dan Bombsite!! He is my best boy and one of my oldest characters, (his first rendition was as a skeleton in an 80s monster comedy)
Some random facts about him: hes blind in one eye and has several scars on his chest/face/shoulder from a helicopter accident. His favorite color is pink! He formed the Experimental Civil Defense (ECD), a top secret nuclear clean up agency that works primarily for the US Government. This works well for Dan because he has an exceptionally high recovery rate for acute radiation poisoning. His right hand man is Victor Hedrom-who dislikes Dan’s more ‘direct’ approach to contamination clean ups (just pick up the uranium rod with your hands, why dontcha!)
  • He/Him
  • Age 29 in 1959
  • Likes: Beer, burgers, picking up radioactive things, quality time with his friends, homoerotic tendencies
  • Dislikes: Having his DNA unravel after picking up radioactive things, tomatoes
  • Favorite color: Pink
  • Major: Dropped out of college
  • Occupation: Founder/Chief of Operations for The ECD