Victor: So… I’ve been told that they're expecting us to manually force a scram if they’re unable to shut down the reactor remotely.

Dan: A scram?

Victor: You know what that is, right?

Dan: Well of course.

Victor: ...


Dan: It stands for “Safety Control Rod Axe Man.”

Victor: ....Oh my god.

Dan: Because when-you know-you need to insert a control rod to stop a runaway reaction, you have to cut the rope with an axe in order to let the scram rod drop.

Victor: just made that up!

Dan: It sounds like you don’t know your history, don’t you know about the 1942 Chicago Nuclear Pile? I’m telling you, a guy had to stand there with an axe incase the thing went supercritical-

Victor: It's not even called a “scram rod”, oh my god! And it doesn’t stand for anything!

Dan: Hm. How about “Super-Critical Reactor Axe Man?”

Victor: I hope the lab explodes with you inside of it. You're not funny.

Dan: “Start Cutting Right Away, Man”?

Victor: Ughhhh…

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