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12/26/23 - Welcome to my character page! I’m currently featuring characters from 3 different stories. Most pages are WIPs at the moment.

Atomic Gothic (1959)

(If you want to see how my guys treat each other, check out my Atomic Gothic Character Interactions page)

Atomic Gothic Timeline Master Doc. This document outlines mostly everything that happens in the Atomic Gothic universe from the early 1900's to 1970 including key terms, locations, characters, and more. Some storylines are WIPS. Atomic Gothic follows the story of Dan Bombsite, leader of the Experimental Civil Defense, in charge of cleaning up Americas most top secret - and most radioactive - experiments.

AG characters on Toyhouse

Clone Story (1970)

WIP story featuring Mendel, Audrey, Adam, and Antward. Takes place in 1970's USA. Medical horror/drama/scifi/romance. This universe has some light supernatural (fantasy?) elements. At some point I'll expand on this world's rules and make a master document.

Clone story characters on Toyhouse

Alaskan Crab Fishing ocs (tentative title: Old man yaoi) (2005)

Have you ever seen hit Discovery TV show Deadliest Catch? Yeah. Follows Sunny, Jeans, and his crew to survive the Alaskan crab fishing season. Jeans is a loose version of Victor here, and Sunny is a loose version of Dan.

Alaskan crab fishing characters on Toyhouse

Fratverse (2023)

All my guys and all of Pepsiharlot's guys but they're in a horrible little frathouse. Toyhouse.

Siberiaverse - Sakhilinski (1880)

All of Pepsiharlot's guys and some of my guys in Russia's most miserable death and suffering island. Toyhouse.

Cowboys (1880s)

My ocs and Pepsi's ocs but they're yeehaw.

Dan Bombsite

Victor Hedrom

Lady Godiva

Mary Jack Trade


The Gadget



John F. Kenneldy


Marc "Dogsbody" Alfman