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Atomic Gothic (and others) Multiverse!

Welcome to my character page! I’m currently featuring characters from the Atomic Gothic universe and my [unnamed clone story] universe! Most pages are WIPs at the moment.

Atomic Gothic Timeline Master Doc

This document outlines mostly everything that happens in the Atomic Gothic universe from the early 1900's to 1970 including key terms, locations, characters, and more. Some storylines are WIPS.

[Unnamed Clone Story]: WIP story featuring Mendel, Audrey, and Antward. Takes place in 1970's USA. Medical horror/drama/scifi/romance. This universe has some light supernatural (fantasy?) elements. At some point I'll expand on this world's rules and make a master document.

Dan Bombsite

Victor Hedrom

Lady Godiva

Mary Jack Trade


The Gadget



John F. Kenneldy


Marc "Dogsbody" Alfman