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Hello there! Call me MADS!!

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I'm an Arizonan illustrator ( by the way, pls commission me ), stop motion and 2D animator, zinester, puppet maker, experimental video artist, fanartist, art historian and history historian (kinda), storyteller, cosplayer, lover of liminal spaces and webmaster (not really), and cowboy (yes really)... but saying 'multimedia artist' is much easier!

What is Atomic Gothic?

OKAY SO do you know how messed up the history of united states Nuclear testing, implementation, and experimentation is?? I mean, you can probably guess but... I definitely didnt know there were over 32 'broken arrow' incedents (basically, an accidental event that involves Nuclear weapons, warheads or components. And I mean like, there is more than one plane that crashed, carrying nuclear weapons. There were like 12 planes. If youre really good at scuba diving you could probably find one somehwere in Georgia. Ya know, just chillin. Also good 'ol Wikipedia says there are 32 broken arrows but c'mon...there's gotta be more). While most of these accidents had minimal (if any) death counts, they are still, of course, very tragic. Please don't mistake my interest for insensitivity!

ANYWAY long story short I'm absolutely obsessed with these accidents and the US military's shitty shitty ideas involving radioactive materials ( you know whats a good idea? a nuclear powered jet). Failure in general is an interesting concept. In fact, you could say it is essential to the queer experience. Well, maybe. IDK about you but I fail all the goddam time.

Also check out this hot and sexy list. Like seriously what the fuck!THERES 28 OF THESE ACCIDENTS IN 1950 ALONE!!!

This kinda mishmash of LGBT identities + interest in totally terrifying nuclear history puts both topics in a new context. NO I dont know what that really is yet. Ugh collage acadamia has failed me.

here i am sittin on a missile wearin a gas mask. i think the missile is from roblox

Oh and i LOVE OINGO BOINGO!!!!!!!!!! In fact, I propose a new genre of music called 'boingocore' thats just. slowed down 2008 480p quality boingo uploads (which if you can listen with a 60s aviation headset, thatd be pretty baller)

ummm what else...OH YEAH my favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs. chicken and rice is a close second.

ANYWAY I'm pretty new to the neocities scene. as I'm typing this its may 29th, 2020.....yeah..... yeahhhhh........for very obvious reasons, museums and art galleries are on hold for the time being. which sucks because, ya know, im an artist and all that

Check back weekly for new comic pages and website updates-!

raiden sittin with his weird robo legs

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Did you know that the Beatles were a failed government cloning experiment and when they escaped area 52 the government was like "well oops" and let them kinda do their own thing.