Victor Hedrom

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Victor is the Experimental Civil Defense’s resident nuclear scientist. You could call him a ‘mad scientist’, but this has to do more with his temper than anything else… Victor initially was going to be a lot more scary (*dissects you cuts you up etc*) but I toned that part down. He has trouble getting along with his peers, or even participating in simple small talk (he likes to correct people over innacurate statements). He's passionate about his work, extremely hard working, and stubborn to the bone. Victor has his own way of showing affection, but if you give him a chance (asking him about things he likes), he'll never let you go.

Victor and Dan met during college and soon started dating (this was before Dan had transitioned). At this time Victor realized he was more into guys as Dan started to dress more masculine. For a period of time Victor used Dan as a gender test subject much to his excitement. (Basically *fucks with your gender settings*). They kinda stopped talking after Victor left for a prestigious internship with the United States Military at secret nuclear base Camp Century (it has always been his dream to be a highly respected nuclear scientist).

However, Victor was unpopular with his peers and victim to many pranks. One night, his colleges "accidentally" left him outside in the frozen Greenland tundra, only to be rescued hours later with severe frostbite. Heartbroken and extremely self conscious, Victor leaves and struggles to find work, until Dan asks him to join the ECD a few years later.

Physical characteristics: At Camp Century, Victor suffered an extreme case of frostbite leaving his nose, lips, cheeks, and fingertips darkened. Because of this, it's harder for him to smile :(. He prefers to wear warm clothes because he can't stand feeling cold. In his coat pocket he always carries a pen radiation detector.
  • He/him
  • Age 25 in 1959
  • Likes: pickled vegetables, thick knit clothes, Dan
  • Dislikes: strangers, new things, winter
  • Favorite color: forest green
  • Major: Nuclear Science, minor in Bioscience
  • Occupation: ECD Nuclear Scientist & Head of Infirmary Operations