Lady Godiva


Lady Godiva (later, Max Gadget) is a Cold War era 'human pit' weapons prototype-a walking talking hydrogen bomb that could detonate inside enemy territory as an undercover spy. The experiment (dubbed the 'Lady Godiva Project') was prone to accidents, and the project was scrapped after an unplanned detonation caused extensive damage to the Diablo Canyon Research Laboratory. Godiva was relocated to the ECD (Experimental Civil Defense) headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, for containment under ECD's project manager, Dan Bombsite.

His 'containment suit' (a yellow, lead and devron weaved hazmat-type suit) protects those around Godiva from his radiation. The suit is painful to wear, so he prefers to not wear it when alone in his 'hot cell' (a room where dangerous elements can be handled remotely).

  • Pronouns: He/They/She (sometimes)
  • Age 25 in 1959
  • Likes: Fish, the color green, Dan
  • Dislikes: The US military industrial complex
  • Favorite color: Green/yellow
  • Occupation: Test subject, later ECD member