AUDREY "Mrs. Robinson"

World's worst wiggly worm

(mild nsfw content ahead)

Audrey is a new character for an unnamed clone story I have... he will most likely be the antagonist.

The geneticist who helped clone Mendel. Is admired by his colleagues for his unique approach to the field of cloning, especially since many scientists feel morally conflicted about their work. Audrey believes cloning technology can benefit the healthcare industry, making replacement body parts for patients.

Audrey is involved in a romantic relationship with another [unnamed] scientist, who decides to use his DNA for the cloning project, they name their subject Mendel after the famous biologist of the 1800s. Shortly after, Mendel experiences health complications, which Audrey's colleagues blame on him. Growing a clone is tricky - Mendel is eventually healthy and growing in a large bio vat where his memories are implanted (memories from his 'Original'). Despite relationship issues with [unnamed scientist - Mendel's Original], Audrey still works with him for the sake of the project. This is complicated by the fact that Mendel looks nearly identical to him - and once waking up - has many of the same personality quirks. Audrey doesn't know how to feel about befriending, or even dating, a clone of his ex.

r/am i the asshole
I want to have weird bondage sex with my exe's clone, he's technically 7 years old but he's 40 years old in clone years. Me (M, 28) is cursed with ghost tentacles that each have their own sentience. Would this be considered an orgy or just regular sex? I think he does like me but might see some red flags because I don't tell him about all of his lost memories. BTW I haven't told him about the child he gave birth to a few years ago because I thought he would get angry with me. AITA?

At around this time, Audrey is plagued by growing mental health problems, feeling guilt for his participation in the project and the distrust of his colleagues. He 'feels' hands constantly touching him under his clothes, as if they're searching for something, and he frequently finds himself holding things he doesn't remember picking up. Audrey calls it a 'hand curse' at first, thinking it must be some kind of developing schizophrenia, or hallucinations from work related stress. Morgellion’s disease is even called into question. This changes when other scientists notice Audrey can physically pick up things from across the room, as if he can make things float with his mind.

They believe his 'invisible hands' manifest somewhere in his spine, and so Audrey allows them to perform a surgery to remove them. It seems as if the 'hand curse' is gone, but Audrey is left with severe chronic back pain. After months of physical therapy, he is able to walk with a cane. Slowly, however, the curse comes back. This time, Audrey tries to embrace his powers, using the hands-now nicknamed 'Helixes' to help him stand, regain balance, and pickup things from across the room.

At this point Audrey forms a bizarre relationship with Mendel, believing him to be a perfect test subject, he develops romantic feelings for him. Mendel reciprocates at first, but notices inconsistencies in his 'planted' memories vs his real memories. He suspects Audrey isn't telling him everything...

Even before his botched back surgery, Audrey had a difficult time trusting his colleagues or really much of anyone. He would often be ridiculed for his choice of clothes and overall flamboyant, stubborn personality. As an intimidation tactic, he is intentionally cruel to new lab employees, hitting them with his cane or hiding important data sheets. Audrey chooses his acquaintances based on intelligence and their usefulness to his work. Many insecurities (his disability, gender expression, 'curse') are hidden under layers of pride and an over abundance of confidence :(.
  • Pronouns: He/Him/She/Her (it is unknown what he actually prefers)
  • Nicknames: Mrs. Robinson, (among his collegues): Asshole, That Wreched Worm
  • Age 20s-30s
  • Likes: holding things, being tied up, weighted blankets, attention
  • Dislikes: open spaces, being wrong, fashion police, most people
  • Favorite color:
  • Major: Human Therapudic Cloning and Geneome Modification Sciences
  • Occupation: Scientist employed at [cloning facility]
  • I Imagine his voice sounds like the AJJ frontman in this song