11/19/2020 NOTE TO SELF make a dubstep page. Updated my site with some new artworks (pssst look at my about page) and added some friends site buttons! Will arrange those nicer later. ADD MY BUTTON TO YOUR SITE PLSSSS and ill add yours!!!!!!

11/16/2020 Check this out!

11/7/2020- Jesus christ what a fucking week-the amount of manic energy I've seen on Tumblr is enough for a lifetime. I added some site buttons by request, those can be saved in my new 'fun stuff' tab here (under construction atm!). Also moved some of my nav buttons so my header isnt so crowded.

I'm pretty proud of this one

11/4/2020- Added a * secret * page that has some links to other * secret * pages!! Updated GOdiva's bio...need to get my ass in gear and fix all of the character pages. Also btw check out my buddies site!!!

Last week I visited New Mexico, including the town of Los Alamos and the Nuclear Science Museum in Alberquerque. Will include those photos somewhere on this site...not sure how yet. Most of our planned destinations were open despite all the other closures in NM. We were the only visitors in the Los Alamos History Museum, and one of only a few in the Nuclear Science Museum. These poor docents were probably bored out of their minds (lucky for them I had a LOT of questions). Ill blog about my experience on another page, but all you need to know is that I took pics of Enrico Fermis feet and saw sEcReTs inside the modern Los Alamos Laboratory site.

10/17/2020- Made my navigation buttons at da top look nicer (they invert now!!) and added an Instagram widget next to this diary entry box thing. I plan on launching my lil store with prints and ceramics once I get my pots back from the kiln!

HERE is my Storenvy in the meantime!

10/11/2020-Added a Links page!Trying to plan some prints/charms/etc in addition to my ceramics which will be added to a store page! Unrelated, but I recieved a uranium glass plate (called vaseline glass!!) as a gift from a friend, and I want to get a blacklight for it. That shit glows in the dark!!! I will admit that I am a little afraid of it (what if im slowly being poisoned lol!!)

10/4/2020-WOW 2 months have passed since my last update here-I've been updating little things here and there! I plan on adding a store page eventually, so be on the lookout for my pottery >:)

I'm also planning a trip to New Mexico, specifically the National Museum for Nuclear Science. I got to see the Goldsboro broken arrow bomb casings last time I went. I'm hoping we can go to Los Alamos too, but we'll see.

8/25/2020-HEYA-Making small edits to Chapter 1, there's quite a few mistakes but its a good thing I'm finding and fixing them now. Chapter 2 will be all the more better >:). Considering uploading this to Webtoon so ppl can view it on mobile! Also added "READ THE COMIC HERE" preview image under the header.

8/9/2020-Updated the chapter index and added a missing panel! Removed ARTFIGHT-2020!!! from the header.

ALSO an update on what I've been playing and listening to!

Beatsaber really is just a stim and rave simulator. Ofc I'm not this good BUT a man can dream!

7/29/2020-ALL OF chapter 1 is uploaded! Within the next week or so I will be making minor edits to the page (and adding author comments-check back if you fancy yourself some atomic Fun Facts). Please let me know if there are missing links or any other website problems by shooting me an email at, OR you can sign my guestbook like its 1990 :). I'm aware the site isn't very mobile friendly, but I do plan on learning how to adapt it for phone screens.

Among other news, I've been posting more art to my Instagram.Follow that for comic updates!

7/22/2020-HELLO HI!!!! HALF OF CHAPTER 1 IS POSTED!!I'll be updating the Index and other parts of the site as I go. Hopefully all the links work haha.Chapter 2 will be more experimental now that I'm more familiar with html!!

7/3/2020-Recieved a 'care package' from my dad today, which included a bunch of dollar store candy and snacks. Mom also send me a card:

card saying i survived the greate toilet paper crisis of 2020
Haha, very funny mom. Def gonna keep this for a desperate museum curator in the year 2080.

Also I did not aniticipate how much I would spend on each panel coloring...its worth it I think but also ch1 might take longer than anticipated. I might tackle chapter 2 using a simpler method. Also note to self: figure out how to get a guestbook on my website!!!!
inverted colors for lady godiva
Sivvagunner uploaded a buncha bops for the JetsetRadio OST, gonna slap a sick one here:

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