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Welcome to the Neocities gang!!

Download my HTML tutorial file here!

Once you have the file downloaded, go to click 'edit site' in the upper right. This is where you will be adding all your images and creating new website pages. Click 'upload' in the upper right and upload my file 'mysite.html'. Hover over the file and hit "edit". Aaaand there you go!

You'll also see a file named "index.html" next to my tutorial. This is the page people will see on Neocities (as a little thumbnail preview for your site), so when you're ready to make your main homepage, edit this one (or you can link it to your homepage!).

I've included instructions inside the file, but if you have any questions, shoot me a message on Instagram @wingedtrumpet or email me

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To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!

Here is another super awesome resource!

*note i am still learning HTML! So any masters out there might be able to point out my mistakes.