Victor: So the DCNPP&ERL...?

Dan: Yeah the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and Experimental Research Labs...?

Victor: I can't fucking imagine why they'd give it such a stupidly long name.

Dan: Yeah, calling it the 'dick nipple' plant is so much easier.

Victor: Like I said, they pay us a lot of money to clean up their shit, Dan.

Dan: *groan*

Victor: You don't have to like them, but at least try not to piss them off. They could easily revoke our clean-up privileges. I know you don't have a backup plan if this agency fails.

Dan: Yeah...

Dan: I'm just pissed that we've been downgraded to...janitor duty. We used to look for missing nuclear bombs for fuck's sake.

Victor: Ah-but janitors can't clean up radioactive waste, can they?

Dan: Ah, yes, we're a team of very special janitors!

Victor: That's the spirit! Lets! Contain! That! Waste!

Dan: *poses triumphantly*

Marc: Dan, we're approaching the site.

Dan: So...where we droppin, boys?

Victor: Ughh...

Author Comments:
Did you know the DCNPP&ERL is based on a real nuclear power plant? And it actually looks like a huge pair o' tits? Here you go.This place will thankfully be decommissioned because it was built in the 60s and the surrounding population is...large.

Here's a pic (thanks wikipedia)

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