Mary Jack

Mary “Jack of All Trades” Jack -

- is the Experimental Civil Defense’s resident handyman (err...woman). Like her name suggests, she’s a ‘jack of all trades’ and actually a master of most of them. Except cooking. Weirdly enough Dan is pretty good at that. She typically goes by "Jack" instead of Mary.

She’s a little skittish (when you’re around constant explosions, who wouldn’t be!) but incredibly friendly. Jack was the first to be recruited to the ECD by Dan and becomes close friends with Lady Godiva after they rescue him.

Physical characteristics: Jack usually wears a buttonup, heels, thick lead lined gloves (handling radioactive materials), and yellow skirt (which is stained with oil and dirt). She has a tooth gap and her hair is messy (often tied back) and wears chunky glasses.

Also incredibly important: she LOVES WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *firework noises *
by Lucifrogg
by sylvekid