If you know, you know ;)


Cool sunglasses man, dumbass with a heart of gold, and secretly has anxiety problems.
I've always admired the badass dead character archetype, and Kav is my #1. ALSO has cool red laser eyes. art source.Major inspiration for Dan and honestly transition goals.


Wiggly weird boy with unique fashion tastes. He experiments with gender expression, had difficulty connecting to people in school, and likes art (I guess you could say I relate to the token weird art kid). He gets his eyes sliced and has to wear sunglasses (can relate, I have horrible eyesight and /need/ glasses. I mean like I dont have anime blindness, but you know)


Playing Beatsaber to cope and has a fascination for simulations/VR. His gender is ambiguous (he doesn't feel like either, or maybe he feels like both?). He enjoys his femininity but still goes by he/him (it's the emo kid mood). Raiden Embraces the future instead of dwelling on the past.
Is also always incredibly confused and trying his best. I headcannon we both have the same anxiety problems and love for the Shrek franchise.

Old Snake

My inner grandpa...wearing a wolf shirt in rural Colorado and drinking a beer outside on the porch. He drives an old truck and smells like dogs and old airplane parts. Doesn't know how to use a computer. Soft jackets, mud tracked into the house, and completely disconnected from the outside world.

*points at myself and laughs*
(under construction)
Dale Gribble: A fucking dumbass, bastard, absolute lunatic. Reminds me of my dad a little.

Bathound (Ace): 6 year old me saw him, and decided to become a furry. All my creatures have pointy ears because of him.

Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo): My fav band, and I just look like him. :) The mad scientist energy is there.

Angels (in general): Cool as hell, like to be outside, intense and colorful and uplifting. Plus wings=soft!!! Doves also fit in this category because they are precious babies. Other characters I just think are swell, honestly are my best friends :)
Captain Knuckles
Gyro Zeppeli (I cried about him ...he's my best friend)
All of the Stardust Crusaders, honestly
Similarly, all the lads from the 80s action show The A-Team
AND the lads from the OFF RPG maker game by Mortis Ghost
Daft Punk (any masked EDM musician honestly)
Otacon (Hes just a nerdy guy!!!!)
Lucario :)
Indiana Jones/Han Solo (first role model, made me want to be a guy)