You can put subtitle content here

An even smaller subtitle!

you can put body content here!

Or you can use the p tag!

The br tag starts text on a new line! It doesn't need an end tag.
You don't need to start your text off with an h tag or p tag, you can just start typing!
insert link text here! This text shows up on your webpage

Lets say you want to center things. This is how i do it using a center tag:
Im centered!

Use this website for literally any questions you have!!! its great: Here
Cool things about Neocities: its open source, ad free, and is full of awesome LGBT+, art, writing, comic, and zine making communities. Under "your feed" you can see the updates of sites you follow. "Edit site" in the upper left takes you to all of your HTML files, images, etc. When you want to make a new HTML file (a new page on your website) make sure to end the name with ".html"

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