HI THERE! Do you have a cool site?

Because good news....I have my own site awards!!! I've been lurking on Neocities for ONLY a year but there's no internet rule saying I can't give out cute PNGs to fellow netizens.

Right now I have 4, but I'll add more eventually. (Scroll down for how to apply!)

For those with excellent music taste. Websites showing off their favorite music, whether it be hyperpop, folk, boy bands...anything!

Are you a gay? A trans? I love and cherish you. Please have this png of two airplanes having a kiss.

Does your site have a png of Kaworu from NGE? Do you like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? You're a weeb. Here, take this award.

Do you draw, paint, write? Do you have a kickass fashion taste? Do you use your website to show off your craft? Take this fartsy-artsy award!
If you think one of these awards fits your site, email me at AtomicGothicComic@gmail.com with:

Your site URL
Website name
And the award(s) you'd like to apply for!

I'm also not strict in any sense-you can apply for multiple awards! When you receive your award, make sure to link back to this page! I'll be sure to reply as soon as I can :)
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